Join Lewes Women in Business

Membership is open to any woman who

  • lives in the District of Lewes 
  • is running an independent business, and is therefore self-employed

We are unable to accept members who are

  • employed solely by a company or organisation
  • running a franchise

For further details of our membership criteria, please visit our FAQs page.

Annual Membership

The LWB annual membership fee is £115.00 and is non-refundable, or a monthly direct debit payment of £10.00.

If you run an independent business in partnership with another woman, you can apply for joint membership which costs £180.00 annually per business (to include the maximum of two members). One or both partners can attend monthly meetings.  


Your business profile on  the LWB website

For an additional one-off admin fee of £25, you and your business will be profiled on the LWB website. If you run more than one business you are welcome to additional profiles for a one-off admin fee of £20 for each profile. 

To apply for membership please complete the form below

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Or you can download membership application forms here and email them to